New York, NY - On April 9, 2012, the Washington Post reported on the predicament of non-Afghans imprisoned by the US at Bagram Airbase, Afghanistan, without charge or trial.  

Little to nothing is publicly known about the non-Afghan prisoners at Bagram.  The US government refuses to disclose how many non-Afghans it is holding there, how many it forcibly rendered there from outside Afghanistan, and how many remain imprisoned despite being cleared for release by the US military.

The April 9 Post article focuses on two particular Yemeni prisoners: Fadi al-Maqaleh and Amin al-Bakri.  The US military has cleared each for release multiple times.  And the Yemeni government has complied with all of the conditions of the US government for their repatriation or resettlement.  Nonetheless, both men continue to languish at Bagram.

IJN and co-counsel represent Mssrs. al-Maqaleh and al-Bakri in pending habeas corpus litigation before the District Court for the District of Columbia.  You can read more about them here:  

Read the April 9 Washington Post article here: