July 25, 2012, New York, NY. -- On July 16, 2012, Federal Judge John D. Bates of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia heard oral arguments in Al Maqaleh, et al., v. Obama -- litigation brought by the International Justice Network (IJN) and co-counsel on behalf of three non-Afghan citizens whom the U.S. government forcibly rendered to Afghanistan nearly ten years ago, for indefinite imprisonment at Bagram Air Base without charge or trial.

Immediately after the July 16 oral arguments concluded, Judge Bates notified the parties that they could file additional briefs by July 23.

Petitioners filed a Supplemental Memorandum, a Supplemental Declaration, and accompanying supplemental materials.

Since 2006, IJN has been advocating for the legal rights of Bagram prisoners.  You can read more about Al Maqaleh and other litigation brought by IJN and co-counsel here.  And information about the Al Maqaleh petitioners and other Bagram prisoners whom IJN represents is available here.