December 10, 2014. NY. DOD today announced that they are no longer detaining prisoners in their custody at Bagram. In addition to Tunisian citizen Redha al Najar (see press release) IJN represents five other non-Afghan prisoners who have been detained by the United States at Bagram -- some for nearly a decade.  Presumably, these individuals have suffered the same fate as Mr. al Najar (whose transfer has already been confirmed) and have been transferred to the ostensible control of the Afghan government.  Lotfi al-Ghrissi, another Tunisian national, was also tortured in CIA custody and is mentioned in the Senate report.  Though both al Najar and al Ghrissi could have been repatriated to Tunisia, the US government chose to transfer them to the government of Afghanistan against their will.   IJN's remaining clients at Bagram -- one Uzbek, a Jordanian, and two Tajiks -- feared torture upon their return to their countries of origin, and thus IJN was seeking resettlement of these detainees to third countries.  Instead of resettling our clients -- the government chose to wash its hands of its legal and ethical obligations to prevent our clients from being subjected to torture upon their release from Bagram. Now, the fates of these men are more uncertain than ever, as none of them are Afghan citizens, and it is unclear how they will be treated by the Afghan authorities.  Given the revelations in the Senate report that at least two of our clients were tortured by US interrogators, the government's failure to ensure their humane treatment in the future is despicable.

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