April 7, 2015, New York, NY. The International Justice Network (IJN) strongly condemns the April 2 arrest of Nabeel Rajab, leading human rights defender and president of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights. Mr. Rajab was charged with “spreading false news” on Twitter after he posted a series of tweets denouncing the use of torture at Bahrain’s notorious Jaw Prison. Mr. Rajab is a close, long-standing ally of IJN, and one of the most courageous human rights defenders in the world. His arbitrary detention serves as a poignant reminder of his commitment to human rights, even at great personal sacrifice. As his home was being surrounded by Bahraini security forces, Mr. Rajab said, "What is certain is that the struggle for human rights and justice will continue in this country until all violations, and torture and crimes end. All those policeman and all those people will not stop my work or my resistance.”