August 10, 2015, New York, NY. Today is the annual International Prisoners' Justice Day, when we stand in solidarity with prisoners suffering from cruel and dehumanizing prison conditions around the world, and honor the memory of those who have died while in custody. 

Since 2006, the International Justice Network (IJN) has provided free legal assistance to men, women, and children in indefinite detention in Afghanistan. While most of our clients have been released and safely reunited with their families, three of our clients remain behind bars. These men were held at the US Military's Bagram prison in Afghanistan for nearly six years without charge, trial, or access to lawyers. When Bagram prison closed in December 2014, they were moved to an Afghan-controlled prison, where they remain to this day. 

With your support, we can continue to fight for the release of our clients, so they can finally resume their lives as free men.