Dear human rights defender,
Thanks to your support, the International Justice Network celebrated many victories in 2015. Some of the highlights are below. And...if you haven't already, there is still time to make a tax-deductible contribution to IJN for 2015. You can make a secure online donation today by clicking here, or by sending a check to International Justice Network at 421 8th Avenue #211, New York, NY 10116-0211.

With your help this year, we successfully advocated for the release of two wrongfully detained men who were secretly captured and tortured for years at CIA black sites before being imprisoned without charge or trial at the U.S.-run detention center in Bagram, Afghanistan. The U.S. Supreme Court vacated the lower court judgments against two Bagram detainees who sought to challenge their unlawful imprisonment, marking the end of a nearly decade-long battle we waged in U.S. courts seeking justice for Bagram detainees. We joined 100 other human rights groups from around the world in demanding accountability for CIA torture.

Due to your generous support, nearly all of our clients formerly imprisoned at Bagram have won their freedom and been reunited with their families. However, we need your continued support now more than ever. Three of our clients remain imprisoned at an Afghan-run detention center because they would be tortured or killed if returned to their home countries. We are continuing to fight for their release and resettlement in safe third countries, where they can live without fear of arbitrary detention and government abuse. Our clients who have been released are in desperate need of medical attention, trauma counseling, and humanitarian assistance. These strong and courageous survivors of human rights abuses – such as Redha al-Najar, who was sadistically tortured by the CIA for nearly 700 days – need our help to heal from the years of physical and psychological torture and abuse.
Importantly, our work to end indefinite detention is not over. As I recently stated in the media, the proposal to close Guantanamo and transfer the detainees to the continental United States “does absolutely nothing to address the continued detention of men who have now been detained for 15 years without trial. The real danger posed by bringing detainees to U.S. soil is that it opens the door to indefinite detention without trial on U.S. soil." Regardless of the results of next year’s presidential election, the debates about torture, indefinite detention, and fundamental human rights will continue. We must all remain vigilant.
Thank you for supporting universal human rights. 
Best wishes for the coming year,
Tina Foster
Executive Director
International Justice Network