The Namibia Judicial Capacity Building Project is a partnership between the Namibian Ministry of Justice, the University of Namibia's Law Faculty, and the University of Maryland School of Law International Clinic.






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From a base in Windhoek, Namibia, the International Justice Network partnered with the Namibian Ministry of Justice, the University of Namibia's Law Faculty, and the Stanford Law School International Human Rights Clinic to design and build a sustainable, open source web-based collaboration system for the Namibian judiciary. This project helped Namibia leave behind the apartheid legal structures and address the communication and research technology challenges of this emergent democracy’s legal system.

Key components of this collaborative effort included designing and building an extranet to enable the Lower Courts to communicate and collaborate with each other and review important national and international legal decisions immediately; training Justice Ministry officials to use, update, and maintain the extranet independently; and identifying and procuring reference materials on international human rights law for inclusion in the extranet. The Project Partnership also built a website for the Namibian public to facilitate community access to information about the Namibian legal system.

The Project Partnership evaluated, improved, and documented the system's effectiveness during the two years of implementation, in order to provide a model for other countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

IJNetwork partnered with the University of Namibia’s Law Faculty, the Ministry of Justice, and Stanford Law School's International Human Rights Clinic to build an on-line database and networking website for people in the legal system.

Steve Gray coordinated the construction of the Namibia Justice Network, which brings easy access to Namibian law to all of Namibia's magistrate judges for the first time.

IJNetwork is proud of Mr. Gray and thankful to Dean Nico Horn and our partners in the Ministry of Justice for helping make this project a reality.